Jailbreaki Android Devices

How to Jailbreak Android Devices

Once you decide you want to jailbreak your android device, there are a few options available. Before you start, you should understand the basic process used to jailbreak phones, tablets, and other devices. Once you understand the basic procedure, you can then make an informed decision on which method will work best for your device. […]

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reimage computer

How To Reimage A Computer In Several Easy Steps

If you are unsure as to how to reimage a computer, then it is an easier process than you may at first imagine. This task is of course going to involve you re-formatting your hard drive and then, in turn, fixing any damaged partitions and this is usually done if your computer is not performing […]

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VLC Player

Best Alternatives to VLC Player

The growing popularity of online streaming videos has led to the rise in the VLC player. This program can play videos as well as audio files encoded in a wide range of formats. While this functional suite may be a good option, some users find that it doesn’t quite fit their needs. If you’re looking […]

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Way To Store Passwords

What is the Best Way to Store Passwords?

In today’s online world, you have to create multiple accounts each requiring a different password. Even if you try to use the same one for each account, you probably find yourself falling behind. However, what is the best way to store passwords? Ultimately, the best option is going to be the one that you’ll remember. […]

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Keyboard with Tips and Tricks Button.

Computer Tricks Everyone Should Know

It’s always nice to know a couple of computer tricks so you can impress your friends. Everyone can learn these tricks and you don’t need to be a genius to figure out how you can use them. These tricks do not require any hacks or coding skills, just basic stuff that will make your every […]

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Open Office

Open Office Alternatives

There is quite an extensive range of free alternatives for open office. The Open Office free alternatives are compatible with Microsoft Windows OS, Linux, and Mac OS. This article will highlight five best office alternatives to for these Operating Systems for additional utilization by computer users. Open Office Free Alternatives First, the libre office is […]

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remove dll file errors

Easy Way To Remove DLL Errors

How Delete DLL Errors from A Computer System. DLL is the short form of Dynamic Link Library. The library contains executable functions or data that can be used by a Windows application. Dynamic link library may provide a particular function, and the program can access the service by either creating a static or dynamic link. […]

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Windows Tablet

Most Valuable Windows Tablet For The Money

2015’s Windows tablets with the right price! Tablet computing is an essential function of today’s digital world. These savvy devices are here to stay hence their widespread popularity globaly. Different electronic giants have rolled out various Windows tablets with an array of amazing feautres and durability. Users of Windows tablets enjoy all functions of normal […]

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Android crowd

Android Apps I Can’t Live Without

For any person who is looking for the most ideal app to fit whatever needs they have at that given time, knows that the task can sometimes be a little taxing. Regardless if you are searching for a file manager or an email app, there are usually endless amounts of quality apps to accommodate your […]

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New SSD Drive

The Next Generation SSD Drives

The Next Generation SSD Drives are designed with great features and leading speeds. In addition they offer a fundamental and affordable performance gains. This makes a big difference compared to the typical hard drive. The range of a typical HDD drive can be anywhere from 50 – 120MB/s, while a typical SSD drive generally have […]

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