Advanced System Optimizer 3 – Does It Work?

Advanced System OptimizerAdvanced System Optimizer 3 is a complete computer maintenance suite developed by Systweak software. Advanced System Optimizer has a big list of features that can help you maintain a smooth running and error free computer. Taking care of the computer maintenance manually is complicated and time-consuming, and many people don’t have enough technical skills to accomplish that. But with a software like Advanced System Optimizer, even totally novice users can begin to troubleshoot and optimize their computer’s.

What Makes Advanced System Optimizer 3 Worth Checking Out?

If you are looking for a software that have more features than similar PC optimizers, then Advanced System Optimizer is worth checking out. Besides the registry cleaning and speedup functions, it has also a driver updater, a game optimizer and an Undelete feature which lets you retrieve accidentally deleted files. Many features inside Advanced System Optimizer is usually sold separately, and often for the same or higher price as this whole computer maintenance suite.

Does Advanced System Optimizer 3 Really Work?

Advanced System Optimizer is really easy to use, and the interface is similar to other Windows software’s. When you first start to use Advanced System Optimizer, the Smart PC Care tool will automatically scan your system. It will perform a disk performance scan, a security scan, a system driver scan and a registry scan. You will get a scan report and if you need to fix some issues, just hit the optimize button, that’s all you need to do to optimize your computer. Over one million computer users are using the Advanced System Optimizer and CNET rate it as “the best optimizer”, and I can understand why.

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Systweak Ltd, the company behind Advanced System Optimizer was founded in 1999 and their main focus is to improve the computer users experience. Systweak is a gold independent software vendor in the Microsoft partner network, which means that their software’s are compatible, working and is safe to use in Windows. You can use Advanced System Optimizer without worrying about optimizing too much, the backup and restore feature will turn back any changes made if necessary.

Advanced System Optimizer 3 Features!

PC Fixer will scan your Windows system and fix common problems. It will show you a list of common issues that have a bad impact on your system and you can choose to automatically repair these issues. PC Fixer will remember the details of the last repair performed, so you can always look back and see what caused problems in the past.

System Cleaner will remove unnecessary files such as temporary files, files that contain privacy information, empty folders and other left over items. It can also remove files that’s left behind by Uninstallers. This feature will help you speed up your system performance and prevent crashes.

Registry Cleaner will scan your system and repair Windows registry errors. It removes invalid registry entries, removes obsolete system data to improve response time and delete unnecessary entries that clogging up the registry. This feature helps you to keep your system free from errors and system crashes.

Disk Optimizer is a powerful disk defragmentation tool that organizes your files to improve access time. You can set this feature to run automatically on schedule, which will help you to keep your hard drives optimized. Disk Optimizer can also reduce your computer’s boot-up time.

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Smart PC Care

Disk Cleaner and Optimizer

Regular Maintenance

Backup and Recovery

More Advanced System Optimizer 3 Features:

  • Smart PC Care.
  • Game Optimizer.
  • Driver Updater.
  • System Protector.
  • Registry Optimizer.
  • Disk Explorer.
  • Uninstall Manager.
  • Secure Delete.
  • Secure Encryptor.
  • Disk Tools.
  • System and Security Advisor.
  • Startup Manager.
  • Duplicate File Remover.

Why Should I Try Advanced System Optimizer?

Advanced System Optimizer got so many features, so instead of using many different programs, you can let Advanced System Optimizer take care of almost every computer maintenance and optimizing task. It finds device drivers, it removes Malware and Spyware, it repairs registry errors, it improve startup time, it improves Windows performance and much more. You can download a free trial and check out all features and test the interface before you decide if it works for you.

If you have problems keeping your computer healthy, the speed is slow and programs are not running properly, let Advanced System Optimizer take care of these problems.

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