Android Apps I Can’t Live Without

For any person who is looking for the most ideal app to fit whatever needs they have at that given time, knows that the task can sometimes be a little taxing. Regardless if you are searching for a file manager or an email app, there are usually endless amounts of quality apps to accommodate your specific interest. Below, you will find out about some of the best apps on the market as we speak to make your smartphone display shopping a little easier:


HangoutsThe end of the Google Talk era has finally stricken, because now we have something way cooler, Hangouts. A new, hip and quality instant messaging service which will let you keep up to date with your messages as about as good as it gets. You get free person-to-person video calls, with up to an astonishing 12 members who are also members of the service. Great for IM lovers.


PlumeToday, there are special ways of tweeting out a large message quickly but for those who need more, there is Plume. This is a robust Android Twitter client which will enable the user to alter their settings, even the LED alert color which you may have used to make you aware of a new messages. A great feature is muting, where you have the ability to suppress users, even words and phrases from your time line.


TaskerAlthough tricky to get accustomed with, Tasker might very well be the very best app on Google Play. By utilizing it, you will be able to script common functions for your phone to perform when the appropriate conditions have been acquired. Similar to the flash LED, when you happen to receive a message. A person can actually learn a lot from this fine app.

Google News Stand

NewsstandThis brand new newsstand from Google is pretty innovative, Google News Stand reads just like a contemporary magazine, a lot like “Currents”, with magazine subscriptions tagging along with it. You will also be able to read fresh stories by checking out “Read Now” or the “Explore” areas of the app. It does however include items like feature sharing for when you happen upon something really cool.


EfaxIt is true that the world has pretty much evolved from those dear fax machines, but the industry side of things still very much utilizes them. Efax will enable the user to send and receive faxes sans the frustration from using an actual fax machine or even a dedicated phone line, all from the privacy of your Android. Now you are back to sending faxes like the ye ol’ days.

File Manager

File ManagerThis android app is a full featured file manager that fits both smartphones and tablets. It has a very user-friendly interface which makes it easy to find and control files. Users who are familiar with Windows will like this app very much. You can cut, copy, paste and delete files as you wish inside file manager. File manager has support for 28 languages which makes it useful for people who don’t understand English entirely.

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