Best Alternatives to VLC Player

VLC Player

The growing popularity of online streaming videos has led to the rise in the VLC player. This program can play videos as well as audio files encoded in a wide range of formats. While this functional suite may be a good option, some users find that it doesn’t quite fit their needs. If you’re looking for a VLC player alternative, then consider these options.


Launched in 1995, RealPlayer is a golden oldie but it’s stuck around for a good reason. The program has developed into a high-functioning multimedia tool that supports a range of video formats. By acting as a central source for all of your media files from mp3 to RA, RM, and FLV, you can make your own playlists, bookmark videos, burn CDS or DVDs, stream live video, and much more. The most recent versions of this program have improved mobile support and users can now choose to transfer music from their phone to PC. If you’ve never taken a serious look at RealPlayer, you may be surprised at its functionality.

Free FLV Converter

Although many of the videos encoded online are in the HTML5 format, you’re still going to find a significant number in flash format, .FLV. The availability of browser plug-ins means that your computer can easily play these files. However, your smartphone or tablet may not have this capability, meaning you’ll have to convert the files before playing. Free FLV converter can be easily used to change these files into a huge number of formats from AVI to MP4 which will then allow you to view them on a smartphone or tablet. This program also lets you search through video portals
in the application to find what you’re searching for which is fast and convenient.


This program is another video player which has established itself in the mid 90’s. The full featured player stands out among the competition for being highly customizable. You can choose to install visualizations or change the appearance with hundreds of skin. In addition, it supports a huge range of audio and video formats. The most notable feature, however, is the extensive plug-in library which bolsters functionality similar to browsers do today. Winamp is not dead, they are working hard to reenergize this epic media player.

These are some of the top options available today which can be used as alternatives to the VLC player. Although there’s certainly nothing wrong with choosing VLC player, you may want to consider this option when looking for a player with more features.

There are hundreds or more media players available online, but I recommend VLC player. There’s even a beta version on Google play which means you can install the VLC player app and play FLAC and many other formats on your smartphone. Don’t ever buy a media player or install a free one from an unreliable source. Of course, you don’t even need a media player to watch streaming videos and listen to music these days. Spotify and Hulu let’s you watch and listen to almost anything you want for free. But in the end, free and stable alternatives to VLC player is really hard to find.

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