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Free PC OptimizersWindows is a great system but it can’t take care of everything, that’s why third party software programs are created. If you experience a slow PC speed, some programs won’t run and the startup process takes forever, you need to clean your system and adjust some settings. Windows got a disk cleanup tool but it only removes temporary files and can’t handle registry errors or organize startup programs. The best way to clean your system is to use a PC optimizer.

To manually take care of system issues requires skills and if you don’t have time to educate yourself, you should use a software. To let a PC optimizer clean your system is easy and you don’t need any extra skills, even a newbie can use a PC optimizer. There are a couple of free PC optimizers that I have been using, and to be honest, almost every free PC optimizer is useless but there are a couple of software’s that works quite good and can compete with some professional PC optimizers.

Free PC Optimizer’s That Works!

Wise Care 365 is a complete PC optimizer and maintenance suit. It’s a software with many features such as a registry cleaner, a disk cleaner and other system utilities that are useful for optimizing your PC. It’s pretty incredible that this software is free, and I know for sure that some other paid PC optimizer’s are worse than Wise Care 365. As always, there’s a Pro version available for Wise Care 365, but the free version got almost all the features compare to the Pro version, so to stick with the free version is not a bad idea.

Advanced SystemCare 6 Free from IObit is another pretty good software. It’s got features that can fix registry errors, boost your system speed and also detect Spyware and Adware. The scanner is not as fast as Wise Care 365, but that’s the only difference. Advanced SystemCare 6 got also a Pro version with more improved features, but for doing maintenance and tune up the speed, the free version works great. Advanced SystemCare 6 Free is trusted by millions of PC users, so it’s not a waste of time to check it out.

CCleaner is not an all-in-one PC optimizer, but if you are looking for a stable and easy-to-use system cleaner, you should check out CCleaner. It’s really an advanced version of the Windows built-in Disk Cleanup tool and many Windows users like this third party tool. It’s not necessary to use CCleaner if you already got a PC optimizer installed, but if you just want to remove temporary internet files and delete unused registry entries, CCleaner is a great choice.

It’s necessary to give your PC a good cleanup once in a while. Many people don’t care about PC optimization and maintenance, but doing it can prevent bigger errors from happening and also extend your PC’s life. It’s never a bad idea to test free tools but if none of the above tools can fix your problem, you might need to upgrade or test a more advanced software such as Advanced System Optimizer from Systweak. Well, if a free tool works you should of course stick to it.

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  1. Shalaheen March 13, 2015 at 6:21 am #

    Currently I use ccleaner free version. Now thinking to use Wise care 365 instead of ccleaner.

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