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New SSD Drive

The Next Generation SSD Drives

The Next Generation SSD Drives are designed with great features and leading speeds. In addition they offer a fundamental and affordable performance gains. This makes a big difference compared to the typical hard drive. The range of a typical HDD drive can be anywhere from 50 – 120MB/s, while a typical SSD drive generally have […]

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How Fast Is USB 3.1

How Fast is USB 3.1?

USB 3.0 happens to be the most widely used data transfer technique among the tablets, PCs, Smartphone and hybrids. The 3.0 specifications were first made public by USB 3.0 group promoter in the year 2008.The first batch of the certified 3.0 USB gear were then rolled out for the first time during CES 2010.USB 3.0 […]

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Intel NUC

NUC Next Unit Of Computing Review

Planning to get rid of your old HTPC? If it’s time to build a new and faster media computer, Intel’s NUC could be something to consider. I was tired using my ASROCK 330HT ION which had terrible problems playing HD graphics without lagging and freezing. First I thought that the NUC (Next Unit of Computing) […]

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CPU Monitor

Free CPU Temperature Monitor

To keep an eye on the CPU temperature and other hardware temperature’s is a good idea. If your hardware is too hot, it can decrease your computer’s lifetime and that is really a waste of money, because you can do something about it, if you want to. To invest in a new CPU cooler or […]

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HDD Vs SSD – What Should I Choose?

Time for a computer upgrade? To choose an HDD or an SSD depends on a couple of things, such as price, storage space and speed. If you want to store big files and programs, it’s better to buy an HDD because the price per GB is much lower than if you buy an SSD. But […]

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Hot Laptop

Why Is My Laptop So Hot?

A hot laptop is not a rare problem. Many users have experienced this and there could be many things that cause this problem. It’s usually not a big problem but if your laptop is shutting down or your battery is too hot, this could damage your hardware, and you should try to fix it as […]

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