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Way To Store Passwords

What is the Best Way to Store Passwords?

In today’s online world, you have to create multiple accounts each requiring a different password. Even if you try to use the same one for each account, you probably find yourself falling behind. However, what is the best way to store passwords? Ultimately, the best option is going to be the one that you’ll remember. […]

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Best Anti Malware 2015 Update

Some people say that Malware and viruses are the same thing, but there is a bit of difference because Malware is often described as a combined word for many malicious software’s such as Spyware, Adware, Rootkits, Trojans and Worms. A virus can replicate itself over and over again and infect many computer’s while a Spyware […]

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Browser Hijacker

How To Remove Browser Hijackers

I recently had a problem with a Firefox browser hijacker. When I tried to login to YouTube, gmail and other services it started to connect to This malicious server was new to me, and it was hard to find any useful tips to get rid of this very annoying problem. I am not very […]

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Best Free Malware Removal

Malware is a malicious software that is installed on computer’s without the users knowing it. Some people say that malware is the name for all malicious files such as viruses, worms, spyware, trojans etc. But there’s a difference between spyware and trojans versus viruses, because a virus can replicate itself and a spyware can’t. Either […]

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PC Security

5 PC Security Tips

A good antivirus program is important, and every PC users who are connected to the internet should use it. Without any antivirus protection, it’s only a matter of time before your PC is infected, so I think that a good antivirus program is mandatory. Many PC users install an antivirus program and rely on it […]

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