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reimage computer

How To Reimage A Computer In Several Easy Steps

If you are unsure as to how to reimage a computer, then it is an easier process than you may at first imagine. This task is of course going to involve you re-formatting your hard drive and then, in turn, fixing any damaged partitions and this is usually done if your computer is not performing […]

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Open Office

Open Office Alternatives

There is quite an extensive range of free alternatives for open office. The Open Office free alternatives are compatible with Microsoft Windows OS, Linux, and Mac OS. This article will highlight five best office alternatives to for these Operating Systems for additional utilization by computer users. Open Office Free Alternatives First, the libre office is […]

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remove dll file errors

Easy Way To Remove DLL Errors

How Delete DLL Errors from A Computer System. DLL is the short form of Dynamic Link Library. The library contains executable functions or data that can be used by a Windows application. Dynamic link library may provide a particular function, and the program can access the service by either creating a static or dynamic link. […]

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Windows Tablet

Most Valuable Windows Tablet For The Money

2015’s Windows tablets with the right price! Tablet computing is an essential function of today’s digital world. These savvy devices are here to stay hence their widespread popularity globaly. Different electronic giants have rolled out various Windows tablets with an array of amazing feautres and durability. Users of Windows tablets enjoy all functions of normal […]

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no wifi windows 8

Fix WiFi Connection Problems In Windows 8

I recently had problems with my WiFi connection on my new Windows 8.1 laptop. It’s very frustrating to see it fails to connect, because I have a very strong addiction to being online. This problem is fortunatly easy to solve, and requires no special skills. Fast Way To Fix WiFi Problems In Windows 8 And […]

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Free music players

Top Free Music Players

Listen to music and watching videos is a big part of my life. I am not a sound geek that must have the right speakers and the best sound card available, all I want is a music player that can play many different formats. I also want a player that works on Android because I […]

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RegCure Pro

RegCure Pro Review

The registry is an important part in Windows, and I don’t know why Windows doesn’t have an inbuilt tool that can clean and repair registry errors. There are many free tools that say they can fix speed problems and many other system errors, but I have not tried any free tool yet that can provide […]

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Blue Screen Of Death

What Is Blue Screen Of Death?

Blue screen of death is a stop error in Windows. The short name is BSOD and this critical error happens because Windows encountering a non-recoverable problem and crashes to prevent damage to hardware and software. BSOD’s are often related to device drivers that’s not updated or bugs in a new driver. If you run Windows […]

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Free PC Optimizers

Best Free PC Optimizer

Windows is a great system but it can’t take care of everything, that’s why third party software programs are created. If you experience a slow PC speed, some programs won’t run and the startup process takes forever, you need to clean your system and adjust some settings. Windows got a disk cleanup tool but it […]

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Windows USB Installer

How To Install Windows From USB

Often the DVD drive is missing in new computers and laptops, and it’s not a very good thing to buy it if you only use it once. Running out of DVD-r discs are also very common and that’s why it’s better to download files directly than having physical media sent to you. To install Windows […]

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