Free Alternatives To Dropbox

DropboxDropbox is a wonderful invention which I am using every day. It makes it so easy to access files wherever I am without having to bring any portable backup unit with me. Dropbox is free up to 2 GB but it doesn’t cost a fortune to upgrade to receive more space, and you can always refer friends and get more space for free. I don’t like to spend time looking for referrals and I don’t need an upgraded Dropbox account at this moment, that’s why free Dropbox alternatives are making my life easier.

Box.comI guess you have heard about Box and I believe that it is the best Dropbox alternative. The free version gives you 10 GB of storage, and the upload file size limit is 250 MB. If you want more features such as file locking and accessing stats, you can upgrade to the starter version which cost 4€ per month. I don’t think it’s necessary for a normal user to upgrade because 10 GB is well enough, and many flash drives is not more than 8 GB. I use Box and Dropbox and it gives me 12 GB of free online storage and that covers all my file storage needs right now.

CloudMeCloudMe gives you 3 GB storage space for free and is working the same way as Dropbox. You can access your files everywhere using a laptop, tablet, Smartphone or other devices connected to the internet. You can install CloudMe on multiple devices and accessing the same files at work, at home or wherever you may be. A great feature is Cloud top which works like a virtual desktop where you can access apps, and CloudMe works like your hard drive. I am not very familiar with Cloud top, but I like it so far and I think that CloudMe will become a great competitor in the file cloud niche.

CopyCopy is a service I recently found, and it gives away 15 GB for free. Right now you get 5 GB extra for every new user you refer which can give you a massive amount of free storage space if you work a little bit. If you run a small business with less than 5 employees, you can use Copy to control your sharing needs with a high level of sharing and storing security all for free. I have just recently started to use Copy and the upload and download speed is working exactly like Dropbox, which is great.

MegaMega is a cloud storage company founded by the infamous Kim Dotcom, if you remember Megaupload, you know what I am talking about. You get 50 GB cloud storage space for free and 10 GB of bandwidth. 10 GB of bandwidth means that you can let people download a file instantly from your link, instead of having to direct them to a file sharing service where they have to wait for 60 Sec. I believe that Mega is created to let people share files easily and safe, but you can also use it to store large files you need to access somewhere else.

OneDriveOneDrive is also a great Dropbox alternative which offers 7 GB for free. I think it was called SkyDrive before and is a Microsoft service. If you are a Windows user, this app should work without any problems on both mobile devices and desktop computers. Office Web Apps let you edit Office files directly online which is very convenient if you for some reason having to use a computer that can’t read Office files. OneDrive is backed by Microsoft corporation and will not disappear with all your precious files tomorrow, and it’s also a good Dropbox alternative.

I hope you found some good alternatives to Dropbox or at least enjoyed reading about them.

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