Free Blu Ray Burning Software

There’s really no need to spend any money on software’s that can burn DVD’s and Blu Ray’s. Only if you want software’s with extra features, then you might need to buy it. But then should be looking for video editing software’s instead. Blu Ray discs are expensive, so I think it’s a better idea to spend money on a good burner instead of software’s. Don’t get me wrong, a bad software is only a waste of hard disk space and time but wasting money is maybe worse than wasting time. There are many free Blu Ray burning software’s available, so let’s check out some free ones.

Free Blu Ray Burners:

Tiny BurnerTiny Burner is a free software that I have been using for a while. It can burn CD’s, DVD’s and Blu Ray’s. You can also use Tiny Burner to create ISO image files, which is great if you want to backup discs or don’t have any empty discs available. You can also install Tiny Burner on a USB flash drive or other portable device which is a very good thing if you have many computers or want to save hard disk space on your computer. Well, check out Tiny Burner and see if it meets your needs.

Hamstersoft Burning StudioHamster Free Burning Studio is also a great software that can burn Blu Ray discs. It’s a very useful software and very easy and you can burn all kinds of data such as music, movies, backups, copy and much more. It supports CDR, CDRW, DVDR, DVDRW and Blu Ray. Hamster Burning Studio will automatically detect which type of disc you have in your driver tray and then calculates the burning speed so you don’t have to adjust burning speed yourself. Hamster Burning Studio will go into compact mode when it starts burning, but you can always change back to full screen whenever you want.

ImgburnImgburn is a famous and free burning software. If you want to burn ISO files such as programs or movies to DVD or Blu Ray, Imgburn should be your first choice. It supports a large number of image type files and you can also burn audio CDs like mp3, mp4, flac and other files supported via DirectShow / ACM. You can’t burn data files with Imgburn but if you want to burn your ISO files to Blu Ray or DVD quick without any trouble, I recommend using Imgburn every time.

You can find many other free burners online, but make sure you check when they were updated and which Windows versions they support. There are still many old software’s ranking high on Google but don’t work anymore. I know that CD, DVD and Blu Ray discs are going to vanish when the streaming technology and storage solutions becomes more reliable and faster. But if you have a Blu Ray player, there’s no streaming or DVD solution that can compete. To watch a Blu Ray movie is many times more fun than watch other low definition formats. Impress your friends burning your own Blu Ray movies using a totally free software.

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