How To Record Streaming Video

Record Streaming VideoTo record streaming video from video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo is easy. If you have found a great video and want to grab it before it’s taken down, using a video recording software can help you out. There are many free software’s you can use and if someone is trying to sell you a recording software, they are probably trying to rip you off because there’s no reason to pay for things you can get for free. I have been using two software’s for a long time now and I very pleased with its performance.

Free Video Recording Software’s!

DownloadHelper is a free Firefox extension which you can use to download videos from the web with just one click. This tool supports a lot of streaming video sites, so if you are looking for a recording tool, DownloadHelper is a really good choice. You can also convert files to different formats once you have downloaded them which is a great thing if you can’t watch certain formats on your computer or TV. It’s easy to use DownloadHelper and you can change download folders and video settings without any problems. I recommend DownloadHelper for every computer users who watch streaming video.

JDownloader is another software that I have been using a lot. It can grab YouTube Videos and other similar files from video streaming sites and download them to your computer. JDownloader is more of a download manager and works very well with file hosts such as rapidshare and hotfile but you can use it for other files too. JDownloader can extract rar and zip archives instantly after download which is convenient. If your browser is downloading files very slow, you could give JDownloader a try because a download manager can usually download files faster than a browser.

Is It Safe To Download Free Video Recording Software┬┤s?

Yes, but make sure you read the installation guide and tick off any extra addon software because free software developers often put in extra software’s such as speed up my pc and web search toolbars, to make money. It cost money to develop software’s and they will try to squeeze out some bucks wherever they can, so just don’t install a free software, make sure you follow the guide to avoid getting your hard drive filled with unneeded tools. It’s very annoying to get tools you don’t want and it can be tricky to uninstall them.

Downloading files from DownloadHelper and JDownloader websites is safe but make sure you don’t download files from unknown websites, forums or Pay-Per-Download sites. I had problems to remove browser hijackers after I had downloaded a software from website that looked legit but obviously was malicious. It’s very easy to not think before acting and it has nothing to do with bad common sense or poor intelligence. Free software’s is great but bad people are taking advantage of it so don’t just download a software and install it without thinking twice. Anyway, I hope you can use DownloadHelper and JDownloader to download files and videos.

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