How To Remove Browser Hijackers

Browser HijackerI recently had a problem with a Firefox browser hijacker. When I tried to login to YouTube, gmail and other services it started to connect to This malicious server was new to me, and it was hard to find any useful tips to get rid of this very annoying problem. I am not very familiar with malware names but I knew instantly that I had to deal with this malware code straight away. If you see suspicious connections in the lower left corner of your browser, you should try to find information about it and remove it as fast as possible. A malware can cause serious damage if you don’t remove it fast enough.

How To Get Rid Of Malware!

Method 1:
Open Firefox and type about:config in the URL box. Don’t worry about the warning window that will appear, just click on “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button and continue. You will now see Firefox web configuration settings. Type in in the search box and press enter. When you find the item containing the malicious code, right click on it and then click reset. To reset the value of the item should remove all code including the malicious code. Close Firefox and when you open it again, the problem will hopefully be gone.

Method 2:
If the malicious code is still around after you have reset the infected item in the Firefox configurations, you need to take more drastic actions. Type in %appdata% in the Start menu search box – open the Roaming folder – Mozilla – Firefox and you will find the file “prefs.js”. Open the file with notepad, locate the code with inside and delete the entire line of code. Then you should uninstall Firefox, restart your computer and install Firefox again. This method helped me to get rid of this malware. You should backup your bookmarks and write down which add-ons you are using before you do this.

How To Protect Your Computer Against Browser Hijackers!

The best way to stay safe is to never click on suspicious links or download files from unverified websites. Don’t download programs from pay per download services such as fileice, filecom and filefire etc. These programs are often packed with adware, browser hijackers or other annoying software’s. A good antivirus program can scan a file before it enters your computer, so make sure you have the best protection you can get.

A nice little software that helps to eliminate adware, browser hijackers, unwanted programs and toolbars is AdwCleaner. AdwCleaner is free and helps to remove programs that changes your browser homepage, it removes ads software and search for unwanted programs. It’s very easy to use and will help you get rid of adware like Cool Web Search and Claro Search. Adware and browser hijackers are often found in software bundles and compressed zip and rar files. So your browsing behavior is very important when it comes to keeping your computer safe. It’s often unnecessary to contact a computer security expert because you can do much yourself, so save your money if you can.

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