Most Valuable Windows Tablet For The Money

2015’s Windows tablets with the right price!

Windows TabletTablet computing is an essential function of today’s digital world. These savvy devices are here to stay hence their widespread popularity globaly. Different electronic giants have rolled out various Windows tablets with an array of amazing feautres and durability. Users of Windows tablets enjoy all functions of normal Microsoft Windows such as document editing and saving, Powerpoint presentation, Spreadsheet formating among other normal PC functions. The price range varies from three hundred U.S dollars to one thousand two hundred U.S dollars depending on the manufacturer, model, features and accessories such as detachable keyboards, external cover and screen protection. Below are brief reviews on some of the most valuable windows tablet for money.

1. Asus Vivo Tab Note 8 – This nine inch touch screen device operates on the latest Microsoft Operating System: Windows 8. Its screen resolution is bright and rich in colour hence offering the user a crystal clear experience and its adequate internal storage gives it an extra edge against competitors. When it comes to power consumption, the Asus Vivo Tab Note 8 runs on little power and has different power saver modes to conserve power for longer usage.

2. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – A hybrid product prodced by Microsoft, this Windows tablet serves as a two in one tablet cum laptop in addition to its kickstand and surface pen. This twelve inch tablet PC can print documents and images through wireless connectivity to a printer and runs on Windows 8.

3. Lenovo Miix 2 – Armed with a quad core processor, this eleven inch tablet offers users a friendly Windows experience and comes with U.S.B 2.0 ports for flash drive use and computer connectivity for file transfer. Lenovo Miix 2 boasts of 64GB Hard drive space and can be supplemented with additional 64GB in form of MicroSD. This tablet’s powerful processors ensure stability for the user hence no unexpected hanging or shutting down as a result of overheating or inadequate RAM since it has a powerful RAM of 2GB.

4. HP Elite Pad 1000 – this tablet has earned an enviable position in the most valuable windows tablet for the money because of its superior features uncommon in other Windows tablets. Its 4GB RAM enables it to operate at twice the speed of most tablets and operates on Windows 8 tablet edition. Connectivity accessible include Wifi, bluetooth, regular mobile network thanks to its SIM card slotand VPN (Virtual Private Network). The 10.1 inch screen offers brilliant high definition display and offers 64 GB of file storage.

I know that iPads are really nice tablets, but why pay top dollars for a brand when you can get similar products for the half price or more? A good way to save money is to find discounted tablets, usually around big holidays or so. Windows tablets is soon going to have Windows 10 OS installed, which I hope is going to become better option than 8 or 8.1. I hope that this guide can help you find the right tablet for you, Android, iOS or Windows, they all work just fine. As long as the price is right, right?

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