NUC Next Unit Of Computing Review

Intel NUCPlanning to get rid of your old HTPC? If it’s time to build a new and faster media computer, Intel’s NUC could be something to consider. I was tired using my ASROCK 330HT ION which had terrible problems playing HD graphics without lagging and freezing. First I thought that the NUC (Next Unit of Computing) from Intel looked too small and too weak to handle any mayor tasks and the small box looked like it could be very hot when running and therefore not working properly. But this little gadget did surprise me big time.

Intel NUC Review!

I had a chance to see this gadget in action before I bought mine. One of my colleagues had just bought an Intel DC3217 NUC kit with an Intel Core i3 3217U CPU. Well it’s a laptop CPU but still way more powerful than my old Intel Dual Core Atom 330 processor. He had mounted the NUC on the backside of his monitor so it really looked like an all-in-one computer. I thought it was an external hard drive and not a computer when I first saw it. Installed with Win7 Pro and running XBMC, there’s no problem watching HD movies or editing photos in Photoshop.

What’s so great about NUC’s?

The size of course but also the performance is great. If you have been using an old HTPC, you will find the NUC to be a good investment because it can run HD graphics without lagging and if you don’t play resource demanding games, you can use it as a normal desktop computer too. Watching movies, listen to music and browse the internet is no problem with Intel DC3217 NUC kit. I think it’s a great new gadget that every computer geek must have but it’s not only cool a new thing, an Intel NUC does work very well too.

What’s not so great about NUC’s?

The prize is a bit high compare to similar products. The NUC is silent but the heat is a bit high but not in a harmful way. If you want to play games that need a lot of resources, a NUC is not something you should invest in. If you have a receiver that doesn’t have an HDMI port, it could be a problem because a NUC don’t have other connections for music. You need to buy a low profile Wi-Fi card if you want to have a wireless internet connection, I thought that was included but it’s not.

Why I Like The Intel NUC Kit!

I didn’t want a big desktop computer under my TV and to build a new barebone PC was not an option. The NUC is not a complete computer and you have to buy RAM, a hard drive and a Wi-Fi card to make it work and it could be tricky if you never built your own PC before. I decide to buy Intel NUC Kit DC53427HYE with a 3rd generation Intel Core i5-3427U processor, expensive yes, happy anyway? Yes. If you are planning to spend money getting your own NUC, I recommend buying at least 8 GB RAM and a 120 GB mSATA SSD. I don’t recommend NUC’s for people that looking for powerful gaming computers.

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