CPU Monitor

Free CPU Temperature Monitor

To keep an eye on the CPU temperature and other hardware temperature’s is a good idea. If your hardware is too hot, it can decrease your computer’s lifetime and that is really a waste of money, because you can do something about it, if you want to. To invest in a new CPU cooler or […]

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HDD Vs SSD – What Should I Choose?

Time for a computer upgrade? To choose an HDD or an SSD depends on a couple of things, such as price, storage space and speed. If you want to store big files and programs, it’s better to buy an HDD because the price per GB is much lower than if you buy an SSD. But […]

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PC Health Advisor

PC Health Advisor – Does It Really Work?

PC Health Advisor is an all-in-one PC optimizer software created by Paretologic. It’s a small software, easy-to-use, it doesn’t require much disk space and it doesn’t slow down your computer during scan. To maintain a good computer speed and an error free user experience can be time-consuming, that’s why many computer users struggling with this […]

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Windows USB Installer

How To Install Windows From USB

Often the DVD drive is missing in new computers and laptops, and it’s not a very good thing to buy it if you only use it once. Running out of DVD-r discs are also very common and that’s why it’s better to download files directly than having physical media sent to you. To install Windows […]

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PC Security

5 PC Security Tips

A good antivirus program is important, and every PC users who are connected to the internet should use it. Without any antivirus protection, it’s only a matter of time before your PC is infected, so I think that a good antivirus program is mandatory. Many PC users install an antivirus program and rely on it […]

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Hot Laptop

Why Is My Laptop So Hot?

A hot laptop is not a rare problem. Many users have experienced this and there could be many things that cause this problem. It’s usually not a big problem but if your laptop is shutting down or your battery is too hot, this could damage your hardware, and you should try to fix it as […]

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PC Speed Up

5 Easy PC Speed Up Tips

A slow PC is a very common problem and very frustrating, but it’s not that difficult to give your old PC a new kick start. You don’t need to be a computer technician or pay an expert to fix small problems, if you can use a PC, you can also fix a better speed. A […]

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