PC Health Advisor – Does It Really Work?

PC Health AdvisorPC Health Advisor is an all-in-one PC optimizer software created by Paretologic. It’s a small software, easy-to-use, it doesn’t require much disk space and it doesn’t slow down your computer during scan. To maintain a good computer speed and an error free user experience can be time-consuming, that’s why many computer users struggling with this task. PC Health Advisor got many quality tools in its software that targets many areas in a computer, so if you are looking for a complete computer maintenance software, then maybe PC Health Advisor is the answer.

How Does PC Health Advisor Work?

PC Health Advisor is a Windows optimizer with an interface similar to other Windows programs, so Windows users will be familiar with PC Health Advisor’s functions. You don’t have to read any manuals or user guides to run PC Health Advisor, even novice computer users can begin to scan and repair their systems instantly after install. There’s a free trial version available, and it’s a good idea to download and test PC Health Advisor to see if it suits your needs and also to get familiar with all features.

Is It Safe To Run PC Health Advisor?

The company behind PC Health Advisor is partnering with Microsoft and is a Gold Independent Software Vendor. A software that doesn’t work, is unsafe or doesn’t meet Microsoft’s quality standards will never get a gold partner status. If you download PC Health Advisor from the official website, it’s totally safe. Don’t download cracked versions or click any unknown download links, only use Paretologics links to get safe and working versions of the PC Health Advisor.

What Can PC Health Advisor Do?

PC Health Advisor takes care of the whole computer maintenance process, unlike registry cleaners and PC boosters that focus on one task. To keep a computer healthy, it’s necessary to clean the system on a regular basis. Doing this manually is boring, complicated and time-consuming and that’s why many computer users fail with computer maintenance. But to prevent small errors from growing bigger and to regain space, memory and CPU resources is not hard at all, if you let PC Health Advisor do the work.

PC Health Advisor is also armed with a driver update tool. Finding device drivers on manufacturer websites is pretty easy, but to know when these drivers are out-of-date is something that most computer users are unaware of. The driver update tool can scan your computer and let you know which drivers that needs to be updated and helps you download the right version. Running your computer with the latest drivers will improve your hardware’s performance and stability.

More PC Health Advisor Features!

Optimize speed and performance. If you want to clean away registry errors, increase startup speeds and organize files to recover space and to get faster access to files and programs, open up PC Health Advisor and you will find the right tools for these tasks inside.

Clean up junk files. Overtime a computer is filled with junk files, duplicate files and temporary files that waste space and memory. Let PC Health Advisor scan, detect and clean away these unnecessary files and items.

Increased Security. PC Health Advisor got access to a malware processes database which are continually updated. It can find and remove malware that is running in active processes. It also removes privacy files to keep your logins, passwords, banking and credit card information safe.

PC Health Advisor Start

PC Health Advisor Scan

PC Health Advisor Scan Results

PC Health Advisor Cleaning In progress

More PC Health Advisor Tools:

  • Registry cleaner.
  • Malware detection and removal.
  • Duplicate file finder.
  • Process manager.
  • Startup manager.
  • Driver Update Tool.
  • Restore point manager.
  • File Extension Finder.
  • Disk Defragmentation tool.
  • And more….

Why Should I Use PC Health Advisor?

Instead of using many different programs, you can let PC Health Advisor take care of the maintenance task. It keeps everything from device drivers to the registry optimized and updated, which means that you can both improve and maintain a good speed and PC performance over-time. You can use the restore point manager before you run any process, it lets you reverse any changes made so you never have to worry about system errors caused by PC Health Advisor.

I like PC Health Advisor because it’s easy to use and I get all the optimization tools I need in one program. Grab the free PC Health Advisor trial and see if it works for you, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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  1. Robert Panton September 4, 2014 at 6:18 am #

    I did a system restore and removed PC Health Advisor. No more problems. I was using TuneUp and CCleaner and these programs provide undo. I fully understand why Microsoft would support and approve of this software, after all, winsxs continues to grow and grow keeping files for over 5 years. I guess common sense is not so common at Microsoft. SSD Drives are impractical for Windows.

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