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The registry is an important part in Windows, and I don’t know why Windows doesn’t have an inbuilt tool that can clean and repair registry errors. There are many free tools that say they can fix speed problems and many other system errors, but I have not tried any free tool yet that can provide satisfying results. Still, the best way to keep your computer healthy is to clean the registry and remove clutter and junk files. It’s possible to manually take care of most systems related problems but its very time consuming and it’s easy to make mistakes that just make things worse. RegCure Pro is a registry cleaner and a system optimizer that helps you fix errors automatically.

What’s The Benefits of Using RegCure Pro?

RegCure ProRegCure Pro is easy to use. It takes you through the cleaning process step-by-step and never let you get involved directly with the registry or other system configurations that can lead to large mistakes. RegCure Pro is configured to deal with these matters automatically in a safe way. RegCure Pro manages restore points which means you can go back to previous settings, so you never have to worry about getting permanent changes to your system. Once you start the cleanup process, RegCure Pro will guide you all the way.

You can use the scheduler feature to set specific times when RegCure Pro should scan your registry and fix errors. This feature is great if you install and uninstall programs and run program updates on a regular basis. It’s always nice to have a program that can take care of system fixes automatically without having to remember it or doing it yourself. If you have any questions about how to use RegCure Pro’s features, you can read the FAQs or use the Paretologic e-mail help. They promise to respond within eight hours.

Is It Safe To Use RegCure Pro?

Each time RegCure Pro removes errors it automatically creates backup files and you will also get a detailed report. You will get helpful warnings along the way, so you never have to worry about clicking the wrong button or starting a process too fast. RegCure Pro is developed by Paretologic Inc which is a Gold Application Development Microsoft Partner. I don’t think Microsoft allows any software developer that has harmful, not working or any other problematic tools to become a member in their partner program.

What Can RegCure Pro Do More?

Improves startup times. At startup, many programs begin to fight over the same resources, but there are many programs you don’t need right away. RegCure Pro can help you to stop unneeded programs to launch at startup, which will increase your computer’s startup speed.

Stops unwanted processes. If too many processes are running in the background, it can steal resources from more needed applications. So if you use photo editing programs, watching movies or playing games, you could face errors and programs could stop working and even crash. RegCure Pro will find and stop these unwanted processes using its main scanner.

Tides up your browser. Unneeded plugins and other unwanted helper objects can hurt your browser’s performance. RegCure Pro helps to optimize your browsing experience and removes those items you don’t want.

Fix system problems. RegCure Pro is a Windows registry cleaner. Registry errors happen when a failed program installation occurs, an unfinished uninstallation of a program, erratic spyware applications and by disabled drivers. This can cause errors, freezing, crashes and other performance issues. RegCure Pro fixes these issues and improves stability and speed.


RegCure Pro was not my first choice but I decided to try it anyway. My laptop running Windows 7 started to behave erratic after a reboot. I had uninstalled a couple of old programs and something went wrong, so I went online looking for a quick solution. I am not a very skilled user who can fix registry errors manually, so I decided to test a registry cleaner which turned out to be RegCure Pro.
I ran the program, followed the instructions on the screen and started the cleanup process, that’s all. I did this once and after that my laptop booted perfectly.

RegCure Pro is an excellent option for computer users who are not completely confident with using system optimizing tools. The step-by-step guide makes RegCure Pro very easy to use, and it delivers strong results. You can download and get familiar with RegCure Pro for free here!

RegCure Pro

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