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Free music playersListen to music and watching videos is a big part of my life. I am not a sound geek that must have the right speakers and the best sound card available, all I want is a music player that can play many different formats. I also want a player that works on Android because I use my tablet and Smartphone a lot these days. The internet is full of free music players and I like to share my experience with using them. There are many players available but I stick with the biggest brands because they are the best compare to many others.

Windows Media Player is maybe the most used digital player in the world. It’s pretty useful but I don’t rate this player very high because I had problems with some formats and also problems with program crashes and not responding messages. I updated drivers and tested both 32 and 64 bit systems but with the same results. I don’t want to search all over the net for the right codec’s because it’s easy to download software’s filled with useless files and it can also be a risk if there’s a malware hidden inside the codec files. Windows Media Player gets a 6 on my 10 point scale.

Winamp is a very famous media player. I first came in contact with Winamp almost twenty years ago and I still use it today. It can play, rip and stream almost any format so I like Winamp a lot. The only problem is the interface which I don’t like very much and it has too many features and many are unneeded for an average user like me. Winamp is available for Android users which is great and because of that I give Winamp an 8 on my 10 point scale. Winamp is absolutely not a bad choice if you are looking for a great free music player.

Real Player is also a very famous media player. It can play Mov and RM formats and that’s why I downloaded this software. I like this player much more than QuickTime player but if another media player could play Mov and Rm I would probably choose that player rather than Real Player. Real player is available for Android users as well and that’s a good thing because if you like to play hard compressed videos in the Rm format, Real Player is good choice. I give Real player a 7 on my 10 point scale.

VideoLANs VLC Media Player is my favorite player. It lets me play a lot of formats without having to download additional codec’s. It’s a small open source program and compare to Winamp, it’s much easier to use and you will never see any pop up ads or other promotional stuff when using the VLC player. VideoLAN has no version for Android users yet, but apart from that the VLC player is a top player and very stable too. If you want to watch MKV videos with subtitles, the VLC Player is the best player. I give the VLC Player a 9 on my 10 point scale.

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  1. naveen January 5, 2014 at 6:38 am #

    aimp3 is super mp3 player that is not listed

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