What Is Blue Screen Of Death?

Blue Screen Of Death

Blue screen of death is a stop error in Windows. The short name is BSOD and this critical error happens because Windows encountering a non-recoverable problem and crashes to prevent damage to hardware and software. BSOD’s are often related to device drivers that’s not updated or bugs in a new driver. If you run Windows 7 or 8, you will get information for diagnostic purposes presented on the screen when a crash occurs for later diagnostic purposes. A stop error like BSOD can damage your operating system in rare cases, but often it’s an easy problem to fix.

How To Fix Blue Screen Of Death!

If you updated a driver, installed a new program or new hardware, it could be the source of the problem and you should undo any changes made. You might have to start up Windows using the latest good configuration, or use System Restore to reverse recent system changes or undo a driver update by using the old driver version. Often when a BSOD occur, you will know what caused the problem because you probably were doing something that Windows didn’t like. I don’t mean you did anything wrong, but a bug in a new driver can cause BSOD and other errors.

If there is not enough free space available on your Windows partition, BSOD’s can happen. That’s why you must make sure you got at least 15% free space on your Windows disk. If a BSOD happen suddenly and you haven’t done anything or don’t know what caused it, you should update your hardware drivers such as printer, sound card, graphic card, ethernet drivers and so on. Updated drivers can often fix the problem that causes the Stop error. If you visit the hardware manufacturer’s websites, you should be able to find the most recent driver updates.

You should also run an antivirus scan. Viruses that infect the master boot record or boot sector can cause BSOD’s. Your antivirus program must be up to date and configured to scan the boot sector. If you don’t know if your antivirus program can scan the boot sector, contact the antivirus company support and they will let you know. A good virus protection is of course always important and you should never be careless when you choose an antivirus program.

Blue Screen Of Death Repair Tool!

Invalid or outdated drivers are what often cause BSOD’s. To keep up with the new driver updates can seem like a time-consuming and boring task, and to do it manually takes time. An easy and convenient way to updated driver is to use a tool like Driver Detective. Driver Detective scans your computer system and compare your drivers with their large list of drivers and then gives you instant access to the most relevant drivers for your computer’s hardware. If you let Driver Detective scan your computer on a regular basis, your computer will always be running with the latest drivers.

Hardware failure can also cause BSOD’s, so if you still have this error after doing everything you can manually or with tools, you might have to replace hardware parts. Hopefully this is not the case and you can get rid of the blue screen of death fast and easy.

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