best password manager software

To remember all passwords and account names is not easy if you have many online accounts. It’s quite a boring process to reset passwords and sometimes it’s impossible to do it. Forgetting things is very easy but forgetting the wrong things can become very complicated, but forgetting passwords should be a part of the history now, because there are password management software’s available that can help you remember and organize your account information. Choosing the right software is important because you want a good and solid software that is easy to use, but still powerful enough to encrypt your account passwords with the latest encryption technology.

Is RoboForm The Best Password Manager Software?

Yes, I can’t run my own business without this software. Remembering hundreds of account names, passwords and url: s is impossible. And to keep all accounts organized and safe is also very difficult without a password manager like Roboform.

I have been using Roboform for many years and it has helped me do things much quicker, like when I work, shop or just browsing forums and social networks. If you write down your passwords on a piece of paper and keep it in a draw or other “safe places”, both you and I know that it’s easy to forget where you put it, and it’s easy for other people to steal your passwords which could lead to a bad situation.  With Roboform, all these scenarios are no longer here.

What Is RoboForm?

Roboform is an advanced password manager, but it can do much more than just store passwords. You can create forms inside Roboform which help you save time, because instead of filling in every new web form each time you create an account, you can use the form filler feature and fill the entire web form with just one click.

RoboForm integrates with all major web browsers and can automatically save new account information, and when you sign in to a newly created account the first time, you can save the login info with a click of a button. Everything you need to remember when using Roboform is only one master password.

Siber Systems is the company behind Roboform and the first version were released in 1999. Now millions of users worldwide are using Roboform and new improved software versions are released on a regular basis. Roboform has been translated into over 30 languages and because the fact that Siber Systems are a fast-growing company, we can expect more technology advancements and stronger encryption improvements in the near future. Still, there is no real competitor in the password management software business that can compete with RoboForm’s password security today.

Is It Really Safe to Let RoboForm Store My Passwords?

All your account passwords are is secured with military-grade AES 256 encryption and there are many more security options available, such as fingerprints verification and other encryption algorithms like Blowfish, RC6, 3DES etc. It’s much safer to let Roboform take care of your passwords than saving them in a text file on your computer or on a paper somewhere. Using Roboform is like having your own security vault hidden inside your computer.

Roboform works on Windows, Mac, Linux and on Windows USB drives. There are also apps available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. This means that you can use Roboform on many different devices and are not forced to use it on only Windows, which are the case on many other password managers.

You can start using Roboform for free and get familiar with all its features, and with the free version you can save up to 10 logins. If you want to save unlimited logins, you can always grab the professional version. Roboform is the best password management software and the only password manager you ever need.