the best way to store passwords

In today’s online era, you have to create multiple accounts, each requiring a different password. Even if you try to use the same one for each account, you probably find yourself falling behind.

But, what is the best way to store passwords? Ultimately, the best option is going to be the one that you’ll remember. If you’re looking for advice, here are some great tips to keep you on track.

How to Manage Passwords – Write Them Down?

Keeping a written document with your passwords can be risky, so if you choose this option, you should be sure to store them in a secure location. Some users will write everything down in a spreadsheet on their computer, but this is risky.

If you do choose to keep passwords stored on a device, do not use a cloud spreadsheet and name the spreadsheet something other than passwords to prevent theft.

Use a Password Manager

There are a massive number of services which can be used to manage your passwords, although some of them do charge for this service. LastPass, as well as Dashlane, are good ones which are easy t navigate. Each service has a slightly different technique, but the basic principle remains the same.

Each is an online locker of passwords hidden under a single password that only you know. These managers also have perks such as offering a safe place to store credit card numbers and information for filling in web sites. You have to download and install the program into your browser to record your login information.

Don’t be afraid if a password manager store passwords using reversible encryption, because using a master password, that’s less of an issue.

Isolate Information

If you’re not into paying, you can choose to set up an email account that’s only used to your most sensitive and financial online accounts. These would be your financial accounts primarily. Then, don’t use this account for anything else.

The fewer options that criminals have to link your various accounts, the better. Creating a separate email makes it more challenging to identify thieves to steal your information. So, if you’re trying to be more secure, then you’ll want to consider this option.

As you probably know, keeping track of your passwords without going insane is a daunting task. However, from the simple solution of writing your passwords down to using applications, you do have a variety of options. Determine which one is going to meet your needs best, and you’ll have an easier time.

These programs should provide an idea of where to get started and make sure that you don’t have to worry about lost passwords in the future.

Easy Way To Store Password

If you want to try a password manager, you can try Roboform for free. If you like it, you have found an effortless way to keep all your password safe. All you need to remember is only one master password. There’s no secret way to store passwords.

But I can recommend using a password manager because other alternatives like writing it down on a paper or keeping it on a text file in your computer is a bad decision. You may lose or get your passwords compromised. If you want to know more, you can read about password managers here.