how to cool down laptop

We all want to cool down laptop temperatures, right? But I think it matters more in the case of laptops than it does for desktops because we can usually build our desktops with better cooling solutions. We can optimize air flow, and we have a lot of space to work with. Laptops on the other hand are meant to be small and compact which often lead to higher temperatures.

A hot laptop is a very common problem. Many users have experienced this and there could be many things that cause this problem. It’s usually not a big problem but if your laptop is shutting down or your battery is too hot, this could damage your hardware, and you should try to fix it as fast as possible. You can solve many things by yourself and you don’t have to be a computer expert to do it, so don’t take your laptop to a computer shop before you have done your own troubleshooting task.

How to stop laptop from overheating?

✔ Check Your Laptop Battery. A laptop is a small version of a normal PC, and because it’s smaller it gets hotter. A laptop battery will usually get hot if you use your laptop for hours, and as long it doesn’t have any impact on your laptop speed, operating system or other functions, you should not worry but you can buy an external USB cooler for your laptop at Amazon or other computer stores. A fan will help to reduce the heat for all your internal hardware and it’s not a bad idea because the graphic card and the CPU generate heat too. If your battery is too hot and you can’t have it in your lap, you should contact the manufacturer because then it’s damaged.

✔ Check Your Hardware Temperature. Many people want a powerful laptop, but that means more heat too. You can remove the battery and check if that’s the problem, but hard drives, graphic cards and CPU’s also generate heat. To check your hardware temperature, you can download a little program called HWMonitor, which checks both temperatures, fan speeds and voltages. There’s not much room in a laptop for extra fans, but if your CPU fan is too weak, you should replace it.

✔ Check Your Settings. Make sure that unnecessary programs don’t run in the background and that your laptop can handle games, videos and heavy graphics load. You can reduce the screen resolution or make it less bright if graphic processes generate too much heat. If you have many external devices connected to your laptop’s USB, remove them if possible. You should also make sure your power management settings are properly activated. Everything that generates heat will make your laptop hot, so it’s not a waste of time to check it.

✔ Clean Your Laptop. Before you clean or open your laptop, make sure it doesn’t break your warranty. You should also power off the laptop and put on an antistatic wrist strap before you start cleaning it. The best way to clean a laptop is to buy a can of compressed air and blow away all dust. A laptop full of dust can make it very hot, so don’t laugh because that’s true.

Cool down laptop with cooling pad?

A cooling pad could be a good solution but maybe it’s just another thing you have to storage. And if you travel around, you have to bring it with you which is pretty inconvenient. If you consider a cooling pad, maybe a laptop is not the best choice for you.

Hot pc fix

Next time? Buy a Laptop or Desktop?

A hot laptop can also have a bad impact on your computer speed and make some heavy CPU using programs crash. But usually, a hot laptop is not a big problem, because you can’t compare it with a desktop computer that got a lot of room for water cooling and extra fans. If you have a gaming laptop, it could be a good idea to get a desktop computer next time you buy a new PC.