Download songs from spotify

To download mp3 music for free is not hard. There are thousands of torrent and pirate sites that provide free links. But streaming music is very convenient, you don’t need to download files or use any external device to listen. Spotify is maybe the best online music streaming service which offer a free account, you just have to listen and watch ads occasionally.

But sometimes you just need to download a song, because you are going to a place without an internet connection or there are other reasons.  Anyway, there are Spotify downloader’s available, and I will list a couple of them here:

Download songs from Spotify with Wondershare audio recorder

Wondershare music recorderWondershare Streaming Audio Recorder is a software that can detect and automatically download any audio source that’s playing on your computer. It can retrieve details such as artist, album and genre and then embed it into the music file.

With Wondershare audio recorder, you can capture and download audio from over 500 popular radio and music streaming sites including Spotify, iTunes radio, BBC radio and much more. You can download a free trial of Wondershare and try it. I am sorry but this great tool isn’t totally free.

Try Spotify VK Chrome extension

Spotify vk downloaderSpotify VK Downloader is a Google Chrome extension, which means it only works with the Chrome browser. You also need a account and be logged when you use the downloader.

Spotify VK Downloader uses the social network to find and download any song from any Spotify playlist. It may seem a bit tricky to use the VK Downloader, but it’s actually very easy and you will quickly fill your hard drive with great music.

Spotydl free Spotify downloader

SpotydlSpotydl is a free tool which let you download songs from many mp3 sources or you can use it to record and download songs from Spotify. You just have to drag and drop the music into Spotydl.

This is not a perfect tool yet, because it records everything on your computer, including email and Skype sounds. Hopefully a more improved version will arrive in the future. But if you make sure everything but Spotify is turned off, this tool might work for you.

Replay music Spotify downloader

replay musicReplay Music is an audio recorder that can download songs from Spotify. It can detect and capture music from any site or player. It’s not a pure Spotify downloader but it works great anyway.

Replay Music can also capture music from videos, which is great if you found some great music on YouTube etc. It’s not a free tool but you can use the free trial to download 25 songs. If you like it, it’s not a massive investment but using free stuff feels of course better most of the time.

Usually free tools don’t work too well, but I can recommend Spotify VK Downloader because this free tool works great. If you want a top audio recorder to capture music from more sites than Spotify, Wondershare is a tool I can recommend. Spotify is a great service, so it’s not a bad idea to continue listen to music on Spotify instead of downloading them. Spotify is great as long as you got an internet connection.