how to make your pc faster

A slow PC is a very common problem and very frustrating, but it’s not that difficult to give your old PC a new kick start. You don’t need to be a computer technician or pay an expert to fix small problems, if you can use a PC, you can also fix a better speed. A new PC is usually fast but over time, many things happen that slow it down. People in general don’t think about computer maintenance, but to keep your PC running at its best level, you must control some things regularly.

How to make your pc faster

  1. Remove Unnecessary Files. If you have many files and programs you don’t use, a good idea is to remove them. Software programs can use memory and processor resources and if you never use that program, it’s a waste of capacity. To remove unneeded files and other unnecessary items, the Windows Disk Cleanup tool can help you out. If you pack your hard drive with files, it will slow down your PC, so don’t use your main hard drive as a storage unit.
  1. Defrag Your Hard Drives. This is something that almost every PC user seems to forget, myself included. But using the disk defragmenter tool to organize files is something that we should do regularly. When you download or copy files, parts of these files is put in different locations in your hard drive, the disk defragmenter puts these file parts closer to each other, which helps to increase load and save time. It’s a good idea to run the disk defragmenter a couple of time every six months.
  1. Check Startup Programs. Many PC users have to wait a long time for Windows to start, but that can be fixed if you check which programs that are running at startup. To enter the Startup folder, go to Start and type in msconfig in the search box and the System Configuration menu will open. Click on the Startup tab and a list of programs that run on startup appears. Tick off the programs you want to stop from starting at startup and hit the apply button and close the menu and restart Windows.
  1. Check Your Virus Protection. It’s very important to use a good antivirus program, because a virus can really cripple your system and strangle your PC speed. If you suspect that your antivirus has missed a virus, you should immediately change virus protection and run a new scan. Sometimes an antivirus program uses a lot of system resources, and that can also slow down your PC so it can take some time to find an antivirus program that works for you.
  1. Check Your Registry. The Windows registry is a database that stores settings and configuration for Windows and other programs. Some people say that the registry is Windows brain, and it’s probably true. If your PC has started to behave strange such as the screen freezes or your system crashes randomly, it’s very likely that you have a registry problem. The best way to keep your registry healthy is to run a registry cleaner on a regular basis, you can find both free and premium registry cleaners online.

Top pc speed tools

Usually a free software like ccleaner can help you out pretty fast, but if you are looking for a more reliable solution that can schedule, clean and optimize your pc maybe you should consider to invest in a professional tool.

A good tool that can keep or improve your PC speed and help you save a lot of time is a PC optimizer tool called Duplicate Finder. Using Duplicate Finder can prevent human mistakes and it can also scan your system fast to find the problem. Doing a PC maintenance manually and properly is both time-consuming and nothing an inexperienced user should do.