Open office free alternatives

There is quite an extensive range of free alternatives for open office. The Open Office free alternatives are compatible with Microsoft Windows OS, Linux, and Mac OS. This article will highlight five best office alternatives to for these Operating Systems for additional utilization by computer users.

6 Free Office Alternative’s

  1. Libre Office

First, the libre office is the first in this sample. Libre office has been in use for many years. This suite ensures quality service to its customers to avoid problems to the final users. The office is among the most suitable and commonly included in the distribution of Linux. It has six-word processing features which have contributed to the high ranking of this type of alternative office. Libre Office has been in use for a long time with over twenty download times.

  1. Apache Open Office

Apache open office has also grown to be a wise to choose open office alternative. Both libre open office and Apache open office are developed by the same foundation, hence the similarities. The Apache foundation is the world largest open source foundation which makes means that their Open Office never lacks resources.

  1. Oxygen Office Professional

Oxygen office is a professional upgraded open office application that comes with additional benefits such as better graphics and fonts, templates, clip arts, and Visual Basic (VBA) support. The software is downloadable freely online for 32-bit and 64-bit Linux.

  1. Calligra Suite

Caligra suite as this office software is another valuable open office available for free. It is similar to the new suites of Microsoft’s with respect to cross-platform compatibility. Caligra is a graphic application that enhances the graphics for desktops, tablets, and smartphone in their respective versions. It is reliable with regards to eight components for presentations, word processing, and spreadsheets.

  1. Collate Box

Collate Box is an optimized open source application used by businesses and organizations to share files and spreadsheet data. The application is efficient in collecting, organizing ans sharing of data hence simplifying office or data (project status) sharing. It tracks changes to the data in real-time.

  1. Feng Office Edition

Finally, Feng Office Edition is a free, open office application used for collaborative tools and project management. The users are empowered with the capability of creating, editing and presenting texts or a project. Moreover, Feng Office Edition offers more utility in sharing of files online, organizing data upload and download of files.

In conclusion, there are many other open offices free alternatives, but the above five will almost perform many additional functions for different users. It is now easier to choose an open office free alternative that best suits the functions of any computer user online.

If you don’t want to spend your money on Office 365, these alternatives are great. You need to try them one-by-one, to find your own favorite, because the interface and user-friendliness is something you need to rate on your own. I hope these free alternatives will suit your needs.