PC Security Tips and Tricks

A good antivirus program is important, and every PC user who are connected to the internet should use it. Without any antivirus protection, it’s only a matter of time before your PC is infected, so I think that a good antivirus program is mandatory. Many PC users install an antivirus program and rely on it 100%, but their online behavior and other things can change the rules, and sometimes the antivirus program can’t stop every new threat. Common sense is very important, and maybe the most important thing when it comes to PC security.

Tips to Keep Your PC Safe!

✔ Use a good antivirus program. There are many antivirus companies available, so it can feel difficult to choose the right one. But if you use a program from one of the top companies, it should give you the best protection. There are free alternatives and it’s great for PC users with a tight budget, but if you can buy a premium software, that’s the best solution. A free alternative is always better than no protection at all.

✔ Update your antivirus program on a regular basis. I think that most antivirus programs got the auto update function preset, but you should check it because an antivirus program is not stronger than its most recent update. New threats appear every day, and if your software is not able to identify these new threats, your PC could be infected. It doesn’t matter if you have the strongest antivirus protection in the world, if it’s not updated, it’s not better that the weakest antivirus program.

✔ Your online browsing behavior. Cyber criminals use malicious websites to infect victim’s PC’s. A small software can be installed in the background without you knowing it, so if you visit an unknown website, don’t click any suspicious links, close every popup window and leave the site immediately. A website can look very professional but still be harmful, so don’t only focus on websites with bad design.

✔ Don’t download files from unverified websites. Torrents, freeware, games and other free executable software’s, can contain viruses. If you download files from forums, freeware websites or other source, create a folder and download these files to it and run an antivirus scan on each file. The safest way is to not download files from unknown websites, but that’s not really possible so remember to scan each file if you are unsure.

✔ Check your email attachments. Pictures, documents and files sent to your Inbox can also contain viruses and other malicious files, so always scan these attachments before open them. If you get an email from an unknown person or company, delete and never open it. Never click on links in emails, if you don’t know the sender.

PC Security Software!

An antivirus program can’t unfortunately protect your PC against every kind of malware. To get full protection is almost impossible but to increase your security power, it’s a good idea to install an antispyware software like Spyhunter 5. Spyware is not a virus, but it can still cause a lot of damage, so if you want to make sure you got guards on all locations on your PC, you should at least consider thinking about an antispyware software.

I know that a good antivirus or malware software cost money and no one wants to spend anything on boring things. A free antivirus like Avira is a good software, and much better than no software at all. Keep looking for black friday deals or other promotions, because you can get really good discounts on many security software’s.

Keep Your PC Healthy!

Make sure you always keep your installed applications updated with the latest versions. Don’t let your Windows system stay not updated for too long and don’t use cracked software´s with corrupted drivers and other erratic files. Use a good software and your PC will be fine for a long time.